We have two types of packing to consider. One is the packing up of our house, finding a storage unit we can afford and the tough decision around what to keep, sell, give away or throw out.  The second is packing for 12 months of travel, if we were sticking to the hot climate of South East Asia it would be easier, but as we are going to the chilly expanses of Mongolia and the cool Autumn months of China and Japan we will also need to pack for a varied climate.

I have been having a bit of fun on my new favourite website which allows you to make visual boards of any type item you can buy online. I made one for my packing list which allows me to see if my colour scheme will work and if I can mix and match my clothing items to have some variety while on the road. I got a lot of inspiration from  which goes with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, a  concept which was completely foreign to me. I have tried to embrace it and I really hope that I will have enough clothes to wear and don’t end up hating every photo of me in the years to come because I didn’t like the clothes I was wearing.

This is what I have decided to pack so far:

12 Month Travel Wardrobe

Apart from clothing we are also packing the following:

  • First Aid Kit – including all the things to treat food poisoning
  • Scrubba Wash Bag– to keep our clothes smelling nice
  • PermaNet – a small mosquito net we used when we were in India, it kept all sorts of bugs from biting us last time
  • Travel Coffee Kit – (Joe will write more about this at a later time)
  • Electronics – Laptop, Kindles, Camera, iPad mini, iPhone, mini bluetooth speaker
  • Torches – my trusty Led lensor and some headlamps we are yet to purchase
  • Steripen – we haven’t decided on which one but thought it would good for when we are hiking/trekking
  • Microfiber Tavel Towels – some  hostels won’t provide them + they are great for drying hair
  • Sleeping Bag Liners – we are still needing to buy these but the silk ones sound ultra luxurious and they pack down really small

We also invested in PacSafe backpacks for our day bags (and Joe also got one for his regular pack). They have a load of features, that provide us with peace of mind, but I particularly like that you can easily attach the bags to your seat or table leg to avoid snatch and grabs.

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