A Quick Update

So, we have been busy travelling and having fun and not writing blog posts. But in that time we have made the decision to expand our travels outside of the Asian continent. We are not going to Nepal and India this trip but have swapped them out for the U.S.A!!!

The seed was planted by my Grandpa who mentioned on a few occasions how close (relatively) Japan is to America and it got us thinking a whole lot about going there. Travelling in the USA has been a dream of both of ours since we were kids. We had a look at our budget and decided that we could do it.

Its a pretty big change of plans for us, but a really exciting one. Also travelling in the USA, November to January will be pretty chilly, but we figured we would be used to it after the gradually increasing coldness of Mongolia and Japan.

We have an optimistic itinerary and a pretty big hit list of places we want to visit.

They are (so far):

Fly Osaka to Honolulu on October 25th where we will stay for a few days because neither of us have been to Hawaii and everyone keeps on going on about how amazing it is.

 We thought we would fly from there to San Francisco and check out some of the sights and hopefully get to Muir Woods National Monument, Pinnacles National Park and Yosemite and then get the train through Nevada, Utah, Colorado for the scenery and national parks stopping for a day or two at each town (hopefully check out Zion National Park, maybe Arches National Park).

 We think we would get to Chicago by the 15th or 16th of November. Visit all of my family and stay at my Grandparents house. Take a short trip to Minneapolis to visit Paisley Park!

After Chicago we were going to get the train through to New York, via Pittsburgh. After that we will go down to DC and then Great Smoky Mountains, Nashville, Memphis, maybe New Orleans, Austin, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Los Angeles.

We want to use the full 90 day visa on arrival that we get so should be back in Australia by January 27th.

The rest of trip is as follows:

Cambodia: 24th June to the 6th July

Vietnam: 6th July to the 4th August

China: 5th August to the 3rd September

Mongolia: 4th September to 25th September

Japan: 25th September to 25th October.

So much fun to be had!

We part with a few photos from our time in Laos which was so amazing. It was a beautiful place to travel and had so much to offer.12345678910111213141516171821222324252627282930


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