China’s still cool

Leaving South East Asia The last blog post we promised a post on Inle Lake in Myanmar and on our time Thailand (Joe insisted that he write these posts, I’m not sure how long you will be waiting). Since then we have travelled through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and now we are in China, where […]

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A Quick Update

So, we have been busy travelling and having fun and not writing blog posts. But in that time we have made the decision to expand our travels outside of the Asian continent. We are not going to Nepal and India this trip but have swapped them out for the U.S.A!!! The seed was planted by […]

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The first 10 days

We have been away over a month now and have not yet found the time update this blog. Things have been non-stop since before we left. But now that we have some time on our hands in Krabi, while Vanitha recuperates from a cold/virus, we thought that we would start loading in our updates and […]

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