China’s still cool

Leaving South East Asia The last blog post we promised a post on Inle Lake in Myanmar and on our time Thailand (Joe insisted that he write these posts, I’m not sure how long you will be waiting). Since then we have travelled through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and now we are in China, where […]

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A Quick Update

So, we have been busy travelling and having fun and not writing blog posts. But in that time we have made the decision to expand our travels outside of the Asian continent. We are not going to Nepal and India this trip but have swapped them out for the U.S.A!!! The seed was planted by […]

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What the Tech?

Every packing list about travel will always suggest a minimum of one item of tech for you take with you. Thinking of my own packing list, I see a huge chunk of weight and space is taken up by tech gear.

Tech will be stored in my day pack. Everyone recommends it, and with the high value of the items, it’s a good idea to keep it close by.

Going away for a year, our tech list is practically an essentials list. We are sharing one laptop, one DSLR, one iPhone. We will both have a kindle and set of noise cancelling head phones, because we both like to read and it would get pretty tedious having to share. We have an iPad mini with a busted screen and have been planning to get it fixed to take with us, but it could be unnecessary. How much screen time do we really need?

Currently I spend on average 7 hours in front of a computer screen, five days a week, time on my phone at home, time in front of the TV at home. So much screen time. I have been thinking of how I can use this trip to restructure the way that I use my spare time and fill the boredom void.

  • I love reading, so reading is on the top of my list, I have been compiling a big list of books that I wanted to read while I’m away and will load my kindle up before I go.
  • I want to spend more time journaling. Not just blogging, but having dedicated time each day to write with pen and paper.
  • I would like to think of a way to be creative and crafty while away. Before having a full time job, I use to spend a lot of my time being crafty, making things to wear, hair clips, jewelry, dresses made from sheets, bedazzling satchel bags, varied props, so many things! Most of this I did with found objects, so hopefully I can work something out.

I was, well still am, contemplating buying a new tough style point and shoot camera. I do have a Olympus Tough that I bought around 7 years ago, which has served me well on many trips and I do love bringing it swimming with me, but I’ve been thinking that an upgrade would be good, for better quality photos.

My other option is to bring my point and shoot Canon Z135  film camera. There are some constraints to film photography and travel – especially long term travel. The cost of film and film processing is quite expensive. Lugging around rolls of film could get heavy and bulky. If I get the film processed, the prints could get damaged. If chose to post the rolls of film or prints back that could also get costly over time. I figured that a good medium is to limit how many shots I take a day.

One of my GOALS  is to take one film photo a day. I want write down, where and what I take the photo of. This will a)provide a prompt for my journal entry and b) ensure I remember where the photo was taken (a version of analogue Geo-tagging). I also think that having to be mindful about what moment or site or person to take a photo of will also be a good challenge.

This will still amount to around 15 rolls of film over the year, but I think it will be worth it. Hopefully I can find a shop that develops film while I’m away.

These photos were taken on my Canon Z135  film camera during my last trip to Singapore  in May 2015, for my cousins wedding.


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