The first 10 days

We have been away over a month now and have not yet found the time update this blog. Things have been non-stop since before we left. But now that we have some time on our hands in Krabi, while Vanitha recuperates from a cold/virus, we thought that we would start loading in our updates and […]

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We have two types of packing to consider. One is the packing up of our house, finding a storage unit we can afford and the tough decision around what to keep, sell, give away or throw out.  The second is packing for 12 months of travel, if we were sticking to the hot climate of […]

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This trip has been a long time coming. Joe and I first dreamt up our Asian Odyssey, while spending six weeks in India at the end of 2012. It had been a loosely formed plan that hinged entirely on our savings, which we didn’t really take seriously until mid 2015 when we decided that our […]

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